20+ most installed modules of Drupal


There are more than thousands of contributed Drupal modules, but sometimes it’s necessary for us to find out which is the most installed Drupal module that can be perfectly suitable for our project. Below I’ve listed some of the most used/installed & essential Drupal modules: Views What is Views The Views module provides a flexible […]


Find Color Codes of Websites by using Photoshop


When we browse through internet we come across several websites several images and many more things and sometimes we like some colors of some websites or images which we like but we don’t know how to add or use those colors in your website. This tutorial will help you to do that in very easy […]


CSS3 & HTML 5 Login Form With Validation


Today’s tutorial is based on simple and attractive CSS3 HTML5 login and registering form with fields validation. In html5 we can actually do validation without using any external JQuery or other scripts. In this tutorial we would: Design a toggle functionality using checkbox. Make two forms with HTML5 validation inputs And CSS3 toppings So the […]


CSS3 Powered Portfolio & Menu


Today I just saw a nice JQuery menu which impressed me and my friends. One of my friend challenged me to make this in CSS3, so within few hours I completed the challenge and came up with a nice concept of PORTFOLIO + MENU. I am going to share a tutorial on making a portfolio […]


CSS3 Image Hover Effects With Caption | NO JAVASCRIPT


A simple css3 snippet share, to show image hover effects with caption text. I recently saw a website where the author of the site nicely presented his description using simple CSS3 and his own photo. Previously we use to do with having our own photo and beneath we use to write small description, but now […]